Samklef Gives Fans Tips On How To Cure The Deadly Corona Virus

Nigerian ace producer and singer, Samklef has shared tips on how to battle the deadly coronavirus which has found its way to Nigeria.

Nigerians have expressed fear over the coronavirus outbreak in Lagos as the death rate in other countries continues to rise. Different ways to cure the disease have surfaced online and Samklef seems to be quite sure that his method is effective.

The producer took to his Twitter page to enlighten his fans on how to deal with the disease. He advised his fans to always drink Apple Cider Vinegar. According to him, the use of Apple Cider Vinegar which is made from fermented apple juice is not just limited to treating skin problems and in meals but can be used to kill the deadly coronavirus that has plagued the world.

Samklef explained the science of the drink killing the virus before it fully manifests in the human body. He stated that the drink which is acidic in nature kills the virus in the lungs before it gets to the respiratory system. He wrote: “It’s acidic and can kill conovirus why it’s still in your lungs b4 it gets to ur respiratory system”