Nigerians are a joke, they like trending stupidity – Queen Elenora blasts Nigerians for hailing Prophet Odumeje

A Nigerian lady, identified as Elenora Paul, has slammed Nigerians for making ‘stupid’ things go viral on social media.

She made reference to the popular prophet, Odumeje and how Nigerians have been making caricature of his statement -Indaboski, pahoze’.

According to Elenora, Nigerians are ‘a joke’ and they do not take anything serious. She said Nigerians do not know the meaning of ‘Indaboski’, but they are making jokes out of it.

She warned Nigerians to respect themselves and stop making irrelevant things trend on social media. ‘Nigerians like trending stupidity’, she said.

Watch the video below;