Federal government set to review lockdown relaxation this week

The national coordinator of the presidential task force (PTF) on COVID-19, Sani Aliyu, has said that the directive on relaxation of the lockdown would be reviewed this week. The PTF chairman spoke during the daily COVID-19 briefing of the task force. He said the task force would review the effectiveness of easing the lockdown in order to make further decisions. “We continue to monitor closely some of the guidelines we have produced,” he said.

“You are probably aware that by the end of this week, we will be coming to the end of the second week of easing the lockdown and we will be taking further decisions based on the review of the performance of the restrictions that we have in place. And we will not hesitate to change our strategy if it looks like it is not working.”

Aliyu urged members of the public to refrain from interstate travels which he said is fast-tracking the spread of COVID-19. “The PTF continues to see disturbing trends where vehicles are carrying large numbers of people across state borders,” he said. “We urge the public to please refrain from interstate travels. Only travels that are essential or travel involving the conveyance of essential goods is allowed. )

“Movement across state borders is fast tracking the dissemination and spread of the COVID-19 pandemic across the country. We are advising state governments across the country and security agencies to increase those measures and surveillance required to keep people within the state borders.”