Federal Government budgets N88M to buy cooking stoves in 2020 budget

As is custom with Nigerian budgets every year, padding always occurs. Padding is a term used to refer to corrupt officials trying to fleece the national treasury by including mischievous “miscellaneous items” into the national budget.
The 2020 budget has only begun going through scrutiny by the public and some of those paddings have already begun to show.

The sum of 88 million naira was allocated to an unknown agency, Nigerian Institutional Clean Cookstove Acceleration Scheme (NICCAS) to purchase cook stoves for “institutions”.
The amount is expected to purchase around 2000 stoves. That would be at an individual cost of #44,000 per stove.

Recall that in 2015 under the tenure of former president Goodluck Jonathan, an outrageous amount of N9.2B was allocated to the purchase of the same item.

With these kinds of miscellaneous purchases which undergo little scrutiny with little public Knowledge, there is no doubt that budget padding will remain a thing in Nigeria for a while.