A beggar in Port Harcourt rejected my N50 naira, said he only accepts N500 and above – Twitter user reveals

A man who resides in Port Harcourt, Rivers state, has revealed how a kind gesture was rejected by a beggar whom he wanted to help.
Simply known as Chidi, the man who took to Twitter to tell Nigerians the story, said he could remember when he offered a beggar in PH City the sum of N50 but the alms was returned to him by the man, who reportedly held on to his cloth and challenged him for daring to give such an amount.

Chidi stated that the beggar immediately returned the N50 and insisted that the only amount he can take is from N500 upwards.
This amazed Chidi which is what prompted him to share on Twitter, where he added that it happened in a part of the state called slutter.
He wrote: “Some street beggars have upgraded, i gave this guy 50naira and this guy held me and said i should take my 50naira back, he only collects 500naira upward.”